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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I pay for the season?

A: You pay the full amount for the season up front. You can pay by credit card online during registration OR you may choose to pay by cash or check at evaluations. Payment must be received before the season starts.


Q: How much does the season cost?

A: 6u - $168, 8u and up - $216


Q: What age group should I sign my daughter up for?

A: Please access the birth chart by visiting the Babe Ruth League page:



Q: My daughter is "insert age" but it signed her up for "this" age group?

A: The system is set up to automatically place the player in the correct age group. Please see the above link to access the birth chart for further information.


Q: What parts of the uniform do I need to purchase on my own?

A: You will need to purchase black pants and a columbia blue belt.  We provide uniform shirts and socks.


Q: What equipment does my daughter need?

A: She needs a glove, rubber cleats (sneakers are okay too), helmet with face mask and a bat.  Batting gloves are optional.  Players in 10U and below age groups must wear a defensive face mask when playing defense.  Players in 12U pitching or playing first base and third base are required to wear a defensive face mask.  Other positions at that age level are optional but encouraged by the PVGS board members.


Q: When are evaluations?

A: Evaluations will be held on August 20th from 9am-11:30am at Five Tool Training at the Above Athletics Center 14797 Philips Hwy, Jacksonville, FL 32256. There will be a parent meeting at 9am. Players will be put through multiple stations. This helps us pick fair teams if we have more than one team in a specific age group.


Q: What should my daughter wear to practice/evaluations?

A: Shorts, softball pants, or sweatpants are all acceptable and a tshirt. Players can wear rubber cleats or sneakers.


Q: What are the preseason skill sessions?

A: We offer these sessions as a way for your daughter to get ready for the upcoming season. We started them four seasons ago and have had great success. It is a way to add activities for your daughter before the season starts and help her learn our language and brush up on skills. It is an affordable way to take advantage of our professional training!

Sign up for all sessions for $40 (8 sessions total at a cost of $5 per session). OR DROP IN for $10 per session (a session is one hour long).


Q: What are the dates and times again for the preseason sessions?

A: For the Spring season we are offering Hitting and Defense. The dates are July 26th,  August 2nd , August 9th, and August 16th.  Hitting is from 6pm-7pm, Defense is from 7pm-7:45pm. These sessions will be at Five Tool Training at the Above Athletics Center 14797 Philips Hwy, Jacksonville, FL 32256.

Q: What and when are the FREE Pitching Clinics?

A: In an effort to give back to PVGS, and to help grow the game, 5 Tool Training is offering four free pitching clinics with Coach K. The minimum age is 8 years old. The dates for these clinics are August 21st, August 28th, and Septmeber 4th and September 11th from 1pm-2pm. These sessions will be at Five Tool Training at the Above Athletics Center 14797 Philips Hwy, Jacksonville, FL 32256.

Q: When are the Saturday practices at 5 Tool?

A: http://pontevedragirlssoftball.sportssignup.com/site/ClientSite/article/1671529

Q: When are games and how do I find the schedule?

A: There are typically two recreational softball games (one away game and one home game) each week. All games are on weekdays at either 6:00pm (6u, 8u, 10u) or 7:30pm (12u, 14u/16u) with an occasional Saturday morning game (approximately once per month).  Your coach will inform you of the game schedule and locations as soon as it is finalized.

We have no control of when the schedule is completed so please be patient and know that once we have the schedule we will send it out to you.



Q: Where are games played?

A: All home games are played at Davis Park, 100 Davis Park Road, Ponte Vedra, FL 32082.  Away games are played at:

CSA –  Creeks – (Aberdeen Field):
1401 Shetland Drive
St. Johns, FL 32259
FCAA – Fort Caroline - (Lake Lucina Elementary Park)
6527 Merrill Rd. 
Jacksonville, FL 32277 
MSA – Mandarin – (Palmetto Leaves Field):
5720 Greenland Road
Jacksonville, FL 32258
NFGS – JAX Beach – (Wingate Park):
605 Penman Road S.
Jacksonville Beach, FL 33250
OSA – Oceanway Sports Association – (Tom Marshall Park)
1471 Elmar Road
Jacksonville,  FL, 32218
PVGS – Ponte Vedra – (Davis Park):
210 Davis Park Road
Ponte Vedra, FL 32081
WGV – Villages – (Pacetti Bay Middle School):
245 Meadowlark Lane
Saint Augustine, FL 32092
(Treaty Park)
1595 Wildwood Drive
Saint Augustine, FL 32086

Q: What are the access hours at Davis Park?

A: Davis Park access hours are daylight to dusk unless a practice, game or event sanctioned by the league is going on with lights.  During those events the park will remain open until that specific event is over with a reasonable amount of time allowed by the league to pack up and leave the area (~30 minutes).  When the field lights go off it is time to go.  Per county rules the access gate to Davis Park is locked at 11:00 pm, no exceptions.


Q: When is practice?

A: Your head coach will tell you when practice is and if there are any weather issues he/she will contact you.


Q: Do I need to inform my head coach if my daughter can’t attend a practice or a game?

A: Yes, your head coach does plan each practice and game assuming all players will be there and will have to adjust if players can’t make it so please let him/her know as soon as possible.


Q: What are the playing time rules for rec softball?

A: All girls bat in order.  All girls are to be given at least one inning in the infield with catcher counting as infield (pitcher counts as infield in 8U).  The only exception is an issue of safety, if it is unsafe for a player to play in the infield because of her current skill level.  That will be privately explained to the parents and player prior to the decision being made.  Playing time should be fairly given to all players with no preferential time given to coaches’ or assistant coaches’ daughters.  If there is a requirement for sitting for an inning all players sit equally and the rotation is determined by the coach.


Q: Who should I talk to if I or my daughter has a question about playing time or the position she is playing?

A: Your head coach sets the line-up and positions for each game so he/she should field your initial questions.  After you communicate your concerns to your head coach and you give him/her time to explain and make any adjustments, if you feel your concerns are not being addressed or if you feel like your head coach is playing favorites you should contact the commissioner of the league at pvgscommish@pontevedragirlssoftball.com.


Q: What should I do if I am concerned for my daughter’s safety with regard to abuse or neglect?

A: Then you should contact the commissioner directly at pvgscommish@pontevedragirlssoftball.com.


Q: I want to get my daughter some additional training to improve her skill level, who should I contact?

A: Laura Taylor is our Commissioner.  She can give you some options for additional training.  You can contact her with instruction based questions at info@fivetooltraining.org.


Q: How do I know if my daughter qualifies for a scholarship and how does it work?

A: Scholarships are available to girls who are on reduced lunch or free lunch programs to allow them to play sports. If you believe your daughter is eligible, please contact pvgscommish@pontevedragirlssoftball.com.  We ask each family to pay a nominal fee for the season to cover some expenses.  Exact fees and payment structure will be discussed with the Commissioner.  Scholarships are confidential and this information is not shared with coaches or other players.  Players receiving a scholarship are treated just like any player who has paid for the full season and are included in end of season parties, gifts, etc.  We have a limited amount of donated equipment should you also need assistance with outfitting your daughter.


Q: I have volunteered to be a coach/assistant coach. How do I complete the required background check?

A: Background checks are managed through our online registration system at www.pontevedragirlssoftball.com.  If you have already registered as a volunteer during the player online registration process, please log into your account, click the button that says “complete background check” and provide the required information.  If you have not registered as a volunteer, you must complete the volunteer registration process first. To register as a volunteer, log into your account and choose the option “Apply to Coach/Volunteer.”  At checkout, you will see the prompt to begin the background check process.  Background checks are $15 and can be paid online via credit card.


Q: Do I need to fill out a background check every season as a coach?

A: No. Background checks last for a full year.